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~ Writing a Biography ~
A Blog About Writing Biography and Imagining a Life


If you looked at the date of my last post for October and noticed that there's a year missing between it and the first post for November, it's not you; it's me.

I was away doing other things, including a bit of recalibrating of my own Elephant, a.k.a., SARA AND ERSKINE, a process I will eventually start talking about here (but not yet, because as my friends know, once I get started it's impossible to get me to shut up about it). I also got held up by various all-too-enjoyable professional activities that didn't allow much time for posting.

One thing I have done, however, is had a lot of stimulating conversations with fellow biographers--beginning as well as experienced; experiment-minded as well as traditional--that have provided much food for thought, practical and philosophical. I plan to talk here about some of these conversations, and the ideas they've produced. As always, I'd love to hear your take on anything that goes up on this website, because that should produce more ideas and more questions, affirmations, objections, etc. about biography, storytelling, and the life of the nonfiction writer.

Meanwhile, I have not forgotten a long-ago promise I made to say more about organizing research. My scanner is now working again, so I have no excuse. (Guilt, guilt.) Stay tuned.

All my best,

PS: I hope to post something twice a week. If you'd like to subscribe via the RSS feed in your browser, you can save yourself having to check.

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