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~ Writing a Biography ~ SPEAKING OF BIOGRAPHY.... Articles, Etc., on the Biographer's Craft

        The articles on this website are about the practical aspects and (once in a while) the philosophical implications of the biographer's craft. To receive notices of updates, go to the blog page. There you can sign up by clicking on the RSS button in your browser. In Firefox, select "Subscribe to This Page" in your Bookmarks menu. Your subscription is anonymous.

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    "Deirdre Bair on Steinberg, Capone, and Choosing a Subject"
    Interview in The Biographer's Craft, Nov. 2012

    • "Finding Our Voice: Telling the Story of 'DAUGHTER OF PERSIA'" (142 KB)

    How an American writer of discovered the right voice to tell the story of her remarkable collaborator and the tragic history of Iran in the modern era.

    • A podcast with Dona about Sattareh Farman Farmaian, the heroine of DAUGHTER OF PERSIA (2008).

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