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~ Writing a Biography ~ STALKING THE ELEPHANTAbout Writing Biography and Imagining a Life

• Lyndall Gordon on the Purpose of Biography

Lyndall Gordon

    Lyndall Gordon is known for literary biographies that focus on her subjects' inner lives and creative impulses. (Disclosure: Gordon's most recent book, LIVES LIKE LOADED GUNS: Emily Dickinson and Her Family's Feuds, is about the poet who was responsible for enabling my subject, Sara Bard Field, to finally discover her own poetic voice.)  Read More 
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Istanbul at sunset. (Photo: qmannola)

        It's never smart for anyone working on a biography to underestimate the power of place. Especially when the writer is reading someone else's work.

       &nbspWhen I went on vacation two weeks ago, I brought along Lives Like Loaded Guns, the biography of Emily Dickinson by Lyndall Gordon, to read on the transatlantic leg of a trip to Istanbul. Read More 
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    WHAT I'M READING NOW: Lyndall Gordon's "Lives Like Loaded Guns"

    Emily Dickinson (Amherst College Library)

          Just as my husband and I are about to go on vacation--a trip to Istanbul in honor of a Big Birthday--I've become caught up in Lyndall Gordon's Lives Like Loaded Guns: Emily Dickinson and Her Family's Feuds. My justification is that Sara Bard Field, who belonged to the generation after Dickinson ( Read More 
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