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~ Writing a Biography ~ STALKING THE ELEPHANTAbout Writing Biography and Imagining a Life


  Here are a few of the things I love about the Biographers International Annual Conference:

  1. It's democratic. There's something for everyone: old hands who've already published six biographies, newbies still in the planning stage (or the thinking-about stage), and everyone in between.

  2. It's an unmatched opportunity (if you can name another, let me know, but I bet you can’t) to learn about biography from people who actually practice it and to meet and mingle with others who love talking about doing that. You get to collect practical tips and ideas, schmooze about craft, and make connections that can lead to—well, like everything else about biography, to just about anything. (Come on, you know you can't do that at your sports club.)

  3. Unlike academic conferences, it's a pressure-free environment. No one is there because they're competing for a job or trying to get tenure. They're there  Read More 

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